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Beginner Pilots' Guide: Choosing the Best Drones


In today's time, we can already a lot of drones or unmanned aerial vehicle flying around our place. Inspecting, delivering foods, capturing places, activities and sceneries and the like are the things these drones (unmanned aerial vehicles) do whenever you see them flying around. Drones and unmanned aerial vehicles are becoming a good thing in every person's life that is why there more and more people who desire to have one for their own and personal use.


It is absolutely wrong to think that a remote control drone is a toy because it is absolutely not a toy. Because once it is used or controlled in a wrong way, it might cause a great damage for it is a fragile and a sophisticated device. With that, it is so important for beginners to buy a basic remote control first before the advanced ones like fpv quadcopter, fpv drone, rc drone and the like. To help those novice drone enthusiasts, listed below are the best drones available in the market that are intended for beginner pilots.


Firstly is the Husban X4. One of the best drones in the market that is considered to be for beginner drone pilots is the Husban X4. Husban X4 has a compact design and will only cost a low price. Husban X4 is not only affordable but it also has a high quality service because it is so fast and so easy to fly. The controller for this remote control drone is very simple and very natural in nature. Its controller also has different modes that can be easily understood that really fits to a beginner pilot. All drones have cameras on it to capture aerial but Husban X4's cameras do not capture high quality photos because it is just intended for starter pilots.


The second one is the Parrot Bebop best quadcopter drone. You should try the Parrot Bebop Quadcopter Drone if you are still a beginner pilot and would want to master your remote control drone flying skills because it is designed more on flying acivities. The cameras of this parrot bebop quadcopter drone is actually more advanced that the camera of the Husban X4 because the camera of the parrot bebop quadcopter drone is more capable of capturing high quality images and videos.


Thirdly is the top race micro F22 stunt fighter jet quadcopter. The top race micro F22 stunt fighter jet quadcopter is actually the best quadcopter for you if you are into fighter jets. For more info about drones, visit http://www.huffingtonpost.com/news/drones/.


Other types of remote control drones that are designed for beginner pilots include Robotic UFO flying Ball Remote Control Helicopter, Nano QX RTF, Syma X5C, Cheerson CX-10, DJI Phantom 3 Advanced and UDI U818A-1 and so much more.